World Arts & Multi-culture Inc. (Referred to as WAMCI) was established in 2003. Premises located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The purposes of WAMCI are via demonstration, research and information on national and regional and multi-cultural and artistic achievements, performance of the multi-cultural arts activities to enhance the exchange of arts.


World Arts and Multi-Culture Inc takes it as its own heavenly mission to stimulate the emulation by mutual observation & Research as well as to introduce the celebrated, feature abundance culture and art activities deriving from the Australia region and other global areas.

We constantly have been propagating cutting edge, quality performance and happenings per annum. This practice has become tradition over many years.

This kind of cultural inheritance mission sense frequently enables numerous multicultural Arts to be unfolded and assists their innovative artist in developing their new domain.

Melody Chen 陳秋燕
Founding President 創會會長


World Arts & Multi-Culture Inc. (WAMCI) was established by Melody Chen in Brisbane in 2003 with support from the arts and cultural community to promote international collaboration and exchange of arts and cultures. The association abides by mutual observation, research, education and performance as its four guiding principles.


WAMCI has been enthusiastically serving Queensland communities by advocating multiculturalism and citizenship. Melody has served WAMCI Presidency three times in a row for 10 years from 2003-2013. She was awarded a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Australia, and currently she is a business owner. In the past 17 years, WAMCI has organised almost a hundred of concerts, art exhibitions, theatre performances, cultural workshops and festivals. And publishing the series Sunnybank WAMCI Arts Collection. Connecting the multi-cultures in Australian society.

In 2012, WAMCI set the Guinness World Record for the Largest Drumming Lesson with 1651 participants in Brisbane. WAMCl had organised multicultural performances in celebration of Harmony Day since 2014, and since 2016, WAMCI has been the host and organiser of the annual Brisbane International Arts Festival to Celebrate Harmony Week. WAMCI is honourably authorised by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to have hosted 21 Australian Citizenship Ceremonies directed by the Life Honorary Advisor Lewis Lee OAM to celebrate Australia Day, Queensland Week and Citizenship Day.

Peggy Wu  吳佩珍

The Ninth  President 第九屆會長 

Appointed on the 15th of June 2021, Peggy Wu wished to convey her passion and enthusiasm for her Taiwanese roots, multiculturalism, and diversity within the community whilst performing the role of WAMCI’s 9th President. Since the commencement of her term, WAMCI has successfully hosted 4x Citizenship Ceremonies, 2x Taiwan Film Festivals, 2x Taiwan Culture Festivals, and 2x Multicultural Festivals in celebration of Harmony Day. Grateful for her opportunity to immigrate to Australia, Peggy actively sought roles within the community to give back where possible – volunteering at her children’s primary schools, organizing and teaching for the Taiwan Indigenous Dance Group, and performing her current role as WAMCI president. Peggy particularly values her involvement in the Taiwan Indigenous Dance Group which has had the privilege of performing for the Manly Special School, Chung Tian Temple, and at many multicultural community events.

Peggy Wu 於 2021 年 6 月 15 日被任命為 WAMCI 第 9 屆會長, 期望在擔任會長任期中, 表達她對於 推廣台灣文化、多元文化和社團族群的熱情.自接任以來, WAMCI 成功舉辦 4 次公民宣誓、2 次台灣電影節、2 次台灣文化節和 2 次多元文化暨 歡慶和諧日.Peggy 感謝有機會移民到澳大利亞, 並積極在社區尋找角色及參與活動,盡力回饋社會-在孩子的小 學做志工、成立台灣原住民舞蹈團為台灣本土舞蹈團教學和組織並履行擔任 WAMCI 會長的角色.同時帶領台灣原住民舞蹈團參加社活動表演. 曾為 Manly 特殊學校、長青老人活動中心、中天寺、 和許多多元文化社區活動表演.