2020 Brisbane International Arts Festival



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Queensland Taiwan Centre

Shop 36B, Sunny Park Shopping Centre (342 mcCullough Street), Sunnybank QLD


1. Lantern Painting Exhibition Opening Ceremony | 彩繪燈籠展開展茶會 - Thur 5/03/2019 10.00am

2. STORIES Multinational Painting Exhibition Opening Ceremony | 「故事」美術聯展開幕茶會 - Thur 5/03/2019 1.00pm


QUT Garden Theatre

X Queensland University of Technology, 2 George St, Brisbane City QLD 4000


1. 2020 BIAF Grand Opening Ceremony | 藝術節開幕典禮暨多元文化表演 - Fri 6/03/2020 6.00pm

2. Shintrun Taiwanese Opera Troupe (I) | 廖瓊枝薪傳歌仔戲團演出(一)- Fri 6/03/2020 7.30pm

3.  Shintrun Taiwanese Opera Troupe (II) | 廖瓊枝薪傳歌仔戲團演出(二)- Sat 7/03/2020 2.30pm

4. Multicultural Performance | 多元文化民族表演之夜 - Sat 7/03/2020 6.00pm


Sunnybank Plaza

Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St, Sunnybank QLD 4109


1. Taiwan Week Lantern Painting Exhibition and Award Ceremony Opening Ceremony | 彩繪燈籠競賽頒獎典禮 - 14/03/2020 10.00am


BIAF Plan 活動計畫


 The Performing Group | Shintrun Taiwanese Opera Troupe 薪傳歌仔戲劇團

Kua á hì has been considered one of the locally developed genres of drama in Taiwan. In the mid-17th century, ethnic Han people, largely from the southeast Chinese coastal provinces of Fujian and Guangdong, started to migrate to Taiwan, at that time dominated by indigenous Austronesian peoples. Among other cultural traditions, these immigrants brought with them their own dramatic practices such as pak kuán (or beiguan, northern style) and lâm kuán (or nanguan, southern style) music and plays as well as glove puppetry.

Established by Taiwanese Opera master Liao Chiung-chih, Shintrun Taiwanese Opera Troupe is committed to promoting traditional Taiwanese opera, while also refining performances by accentuating the delicate gestures and graceful vocal operatic music. Over the years, the troupe has also strived to bring out the best in young Taiwanese opera professionals with a high level of theatrical knowledge and skills, grooming them for the stage, putting on performances, passing on skills, and promoting this traditional art form. It has received widespread attention and acclaim, and has helped keep Taiwanese opera alive for future generations. 

The Liao Chiung-chih Taiwanese Opera Foundation for Culture and Education was established in 1999 by Ms. Liao Chiung-chih who has spared no effort for the preservation of the country’s folk art. With its objectives of “preserving the performance art of Taiwanese Opera, promoting Taiwanese Opera, cultivating talented actors for Taiwanese Opera, as well as raising the artistic standards of Taiwanese Opera”, the foundation sponsors a wide range of projects commissioned by various cultural institutions both inside and outside the country in order to preserve and promote Taiwanese Opera. One of the projects, the “Project of Recording and Preserving Taiwanese Opera by Liao Chiung-chih”, was commissioned by the National Center for Traditional Arts and has preserved five classic operatic works, including Chen San and Wu-niang, Wang Kuei’s Betrayal of Guei-Ying (The opera was composed by Ms. Liao Chiung-chih, Artistic Director of the Shintrun Taiwanese Opera Troupe that performs the opera.), Shan-bo and Ying-tai, The Story of Shi-xi, and Wang Bao-chuan, as well as an old opera full of off-stage devices, The Burning of Red Lotus Temple.

Source: Shintrun Taiwanese Opera Troupe



Hanmadang Korean Traditional Performances Group



The Korean Traditional Performers Group Hanmadang Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2010. Hanmadang features in about 20 multicultural events and workshops every year, introducing Korean culture, not only to local communities in Queensland, but to different communities throughout the world. 

Hanmadang aspires to follow the spirit of Namsadang, and transcends religion and nationality. They welcome those who are passionate about Korean culture, or anyone who are interested in learning Korean culture, regardless of race, gender and religion.

Namsadang was formed during the Joseon Dynasty in 19thcentury and used to wander about marketplaces and villages.


The Alpen Rosen German Folk Dance Group




The Alpenrosen Dance Group has been performing since 1958 and still going strong. The group consists of a Junior Group and a senior group. The traditional dance they perform is called the Schuplatter (Shoe-Slapping). This dancing comes from Upper Ba-varia and Tyrol. They also perform the traditional Ringing of the Cowbells (Glocken) which consist of large and small sets of bells that are musically tuned. They play 250 songs ranging from German, Australian, and Italian.


Sri Lanka Society of Queensland




They are a community organisation dedicated to the celebration and understanding of Sri Lankan culture within Queensland, Australia.


Exhibitions – STORIES四國畫家聯展「故事」

Artist from Brisbane - 吳洵之 Shikaya Wu


A freelance artist from Taiwan, often participates in the culture and history development projects at the local communities as a contributing illustrator.
In 2012, hosted the first solo oil painting exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan. Started living as a traveler since 2013 in Australia. Been busking in Melbourne, Brisbane, as a street artist. He met his artist partner, Yanmiss Ho in Bundaberg, Queensland, since then, they have been travelling together. They have participated in many arts exhibitions in different Australian cities.
From 2015 to 2019, oil paintings and watercolor illustrations were exhibited at 20 art exhibitions in various regions.
The journey over the years has also led to an observational record of cultural and social forms.
The work also describes the relationship between people and life and society in the city.
In addition to the real-life oil paintings, it also extends the imaginative and fantasy style of illustrations..

Artist from Brisbane - 何思穎 Yanmiss Ho


Yanmiss Ho is enthusiastic about painting since her childhood, and this passion made her a self-taught artist.
She is good at oil painting and watercolor, especially skillful portrayals and color.
In 2013, she arrived in Australia, and began pursuing her artistic journey while working as a street portrait artist. In the midst of that, her partner, Shikaya Wu stepped into her life. With the influence from him, they participated in many art exhibitions and put on some solo exhibitions everywhere in 2014 to 2019.
• From 2014 to 2017, they participated in various arts exhibitions in different Australian cities.
• In 2015, she received the Highly Commended Evaluation Award from the Lilydale Show arts competition in Melbourne.
• In July 2017, Yanmiss and Shikaya held their very first solo exhibition "Paradise Rovers" at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne.
• In April 2018, the second solo exhibition "Adventures: stories in the story centre" and a lecture were held at the Lin Fengying Story Centre in Taiwan.
• In June 2018, the third solo exhibition "Paradise Rovers" was held at Wu's Garden in Tainan, Taiwan.
Yanmiss has been taking requests on exhibiting her artworks, which she plans and organizes everything by herself. On the side, drawing a picture book and writing stories about it is one of her artistic creations that keep her going.
She is very interesting in Taiwan's temples and operas culture and is creating documentary oil paintings these days.

夢幻時期:彩虹蛇  Dreamtime : Rainbow Snake

The rainbow snake remained silent underground since ancient times. The disturbance from the offering ritual woke him. He leaped out of the ground and turned into valleys, mountains, waters, and also incarnated into a rainbow lorikeet, planting jacaranda seeds regenerating eternally.

道路上 On the way


New goddess borned

引路人 A little guide

What is an existence of the world outside?
There is a small guide on her fingertips.

Artist from Taiwan - 蘇雅純 Ya-Chun Su

2. 2019松菸文創園區_女人心三人聯展
3. 2018第六屆公共藝術教育推廣獎入圍
4. 2017繪本出版:弟弟老愛和我唱反調/ 我們本來就不一樣 / 啊!小心 / 我愛怪獸 / 真的有鬼嗎 /我可以養小狗嗎 6本
5.. 2017台灣文創藝術博覽會個展_意識潛在心裏,也飄在雲中
6. 2016勞工教育館_左邊右邊雙個展
1.2019 Yilan Award was selected in the first trial
2. 2019 Songyan Wenchuang Park _ Women's Heart Three-person Exhibition
3. The 2018 6th Public Art Education Promotion Award was shortlisted
4. 2017 picture book publishing: my brother's old love and me sing against the tone / we are not the same / ah! Be careful / I love monsters / Are there really ghosts? Can I raise a puppy? 6
5.. 2017 Taiwan Cultural and Creative Art Fair Solo Exhibition _ Consciousness in the heart, also floating in the clouds
6. 2016 Labor Education Hall _ left and right double exhibition



Artist from South Afica – Sharon Volschenk

I migrated from South Africa to Australia in 2009. I currently live in Brisbane‚ and work as a Special Needs Teacher. I am inspired by the colour and vibrancy of Africa as can be seen in most of my work. I love painting animals and people‚ but I paint anything really‚ it depends on what I feel inspired by at the time.
I love working in acrylics and I'm inspired by the colours, sounds and people from Africa. I currently live in Australia. I go through periods of painting animals, landscapes, or whatever catches my eye. I just love creating...always have and always will!