Visual Arts

Welcome To Festival

Shikaya Wu & Yanmiss Ho Art Exhibition 




Adventure in the New Found Land






Kuo Hsiang-Ling's Ink & Painting Exhibition



WAMCI Master Artists at Chung Tian Art 



Life In Queensland Photography Awards

Margaret Lin's "Harmonic" Exhibition at Noosa Reginal Gallery

20 October - 26 November 2017


Jih-Ing LIAO's Arts Discourse: Spanish Aesthetics 2017

Exhibition-Jih-Yin Liao 2016


Jih-Yin Liao's Oil Paintings Discourse 2016

Beyond Beauty - Taiwan From Above

Blossom Tsai's Art Exhibition hosted by WAMCI at Qld Taiwan Centre 2014

Opening Ceremony of Ink Waves-Solo Exhibition by Professor Boris Kuo 2014


Exhibition on Five Contients-Chen Yang-Chun 2013