ESO Australian Debut 2015

The Sound of Taiwan 2015


Evergreen Symphony Orchestra Australian Debut



          Evergreen Symphony Orchestra (ESO) with 70-person was established in 2002 by Evergreen Group’s Chang Yung-Fa Foundation. 

It is one of the renowned International Orchestras to cultivate the talent of Musicians and Artists.
Since establishment of ESO, it continues to spread the beauty of classical music and Taiwanese folk songs to International arena.
ESO has been successfully as the musical ambassador in promoting international cultural exchanges over the past few years. 
The Group has performed more than 600 concerts in 28 different cities including the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and 2012 Ravanna and Ravello Festival in Italy.
ESO will be performing with the Theme “The Sound of Taiwan 2015” at the iconic Sydney Opera House on 12 July 2015 as well as at Brisbane City Hall on 14 July 2015. It will be hosted by World Arts & Multi-Culture Inc. (WAMCI). 
The purposes of WAMCI are via demonstration, research and information on national and regional and multi-cultural and artistic achievements, performance of the multi-cultural arts activities to enhance the exchange of arts.
Harmonnia Junus, an Australian born Violinist who has performed extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia will be performing an impressive and heart-rending traditional Chinese love story, "Butterfly Lovers", a violin concerto.  
In addition, Cin Lin Miu, Bamboo Flutist will be performing Mr. Shui-Long Ma's Bamboo Flute concerto at Sydney Opera House and Brisbane City Hall. 
Artist Information
Performance Group Evergreen Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Gernot Schmalfuss
Violinist Harmonnia Junus
Bamboo Flutist Cin Lin Miu