2018 Brisbane International Arts Festival

*The preparation of this Festival is in progress;

the content of this page will be updated accordingly.


The 2018 Festival will include´╝Ü


1.Lantern Painting Competition for students from local and community language schools

2.Taiwan Week Lantern Painting Exhibition at Queensland Taiwan Centre

3.Arts & Cultural Workshops at Calamvale Community College

4.Official Opening & Lantern Painting Competition Award Ceremony at Calamvale Community College

5.Multicultural Performance at SunPAC, Sunnybank

6.STORIES Multinational Painting Exhibition at Queensland Parliamentary House (All visitors for the exhibition should enter the parliamentary precinct via the Parliamentary Annexe Building, located on Alice Street (opposite William Street).

7.Environmental documentary movie "Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above"






Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above 

Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above is a 2013 documentary film which documents Taiwan completely in aerial photography. It is directed by aerial photographer Chi Po-Lin and produced by Hou Hsiao-hsien, with narration by Wu Nien-jen. The music is composed by Ricky Ho, with three songs written and performed by Nolay Piho (Lin Ching-tai). The film opened on November 1, 2013 at 44 theaters in Taiwan, with Chinese and English subtitles. The film broke the Taiwan box office records for the largest opening weekend and the highest total gross of a locally produced documentary. The film was nominated for Best Documentary and Best Original Film Score at the 50th Golden Horse Awards, winning the best documentary category.


Dance Kaleidoscope

Dance Kaleidoscope dance mostly English folk dances, also called Playford or English country dances.We dance because we enjoy it and those who perform do so as it gives a good reason for improving style and dressing up.


Kaleidoscope represents the changing patterns of the dancers as they dance, as well as the variety of dance styles performed by the group.


Let's Bollywood

Let’s Bollywood Dance School started with a passion to bring the fun and excitement of Bollywood dancing to Brisbane. We get the kids and adults of Brisbane to enjoy the movement of their bodies to the upbeat Bollywood music. We fuse together classical and folk Indian dance styles with contemporary Bollywood movements to create a fun and thrilling environment. Our classes are focused on making you happier, smarter and a whole lot healthier!


SAKURA Dance Group

The Sakura Dance Group is a non-profit organisation based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Our aim is to spread the awareness of Japanese culture and history through traditional Japanese dance. We hope to bring entertainment and happiness to our audiences.

Teacher, choreographer, art director and leader Junko Thomson has fused together a variety of traditional styles to create a unique and yet authentic Japanese cultural experience.

The Sakura Dance Group performs regularly at cultural events, schools, churches, aged-care centres and charity functions.


Oye Ritmo Spanish Dance

Bringing to life the spirit of Spain, Oye Ritmo will captivate audiences of all ages.

This group of ladies has been dancing together since their childhood years to uphold and maintain their treasured Spanish heritage and culture. Formerly known as Para Siempre, Spanish Folkloric Dance Group, Oye Ritmo have performed to great acclaim both locally and inter-state at all of Australia’s premier Festivals including – National Folk Festival, Canberra; Australian Celtic Festival, Glen Innes; the Woodford Folk Festival; and Queensland’s Multicultural Festival, Brisbane.

Oye Ritmo has an extensive dance repertoire to suit any occasion. Their dance choreographies draw from three key Spanish dance styles - the passion and fire of flamenco, the grace and timeless elegance of classical Spanish dance, and the earthiness and spirit of traditional Folk dances steeped in history.

Beating footwork, beautiful flowing movements and turns, as well as intricate castanets rhythms feature as part of their breathtaking performances.


Changhua Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra

Since the establishment of CPCMG in 2009, classic music was no longer inaccessible in Changhua. The Group has been promoting music learning and appreciation in Changhua County, performing classic music in middle and elementary schools throughout the County so that students could appreciate classic music in near distance and that the performances could open up children's interests in music and bring up children's humanistic temperament. Each year the Group sponsors concerts of classic music regularly. The stage performances demonstrate the music learning results, enrich cultural and arts life, and foster high quality music environment. In addition to the regular performances given at music halls, the Group was frequently invited to perform at various cultural and art events, and won wide acclaim. The CPCMG not only created many performance opportunities for music students and better performance environment, but also promoted the integration of music and life, realizing the goal of deepening the influence of arts and culture in life.


Event Schedule


Friday 2 Fri: Lantern Painting Competition open for invited schools

Friday 9 Fri: Lanterns delivered to Calamvale Community College and Queensland Taiwan Centre

Friday 2 March: Lantern submission due date

Wednesday 7 March: STORIES exhibition at Queensland Parliament House begins


Friday 9 March: Cultural Workshops at Calamvale Community College

Wednesday 14 March: Taiwan Week Lantern Exhibition at Queensland Taiwan Centre begins


Friday 9 March:

2018 BIAF Grand Opening, 6:00pm

Lantern Painting Competition Award Ceremony, 6:30pm 

Multicultural Performance at Calamvale Performing Arts Centre (CPAC), 7:00 - 9:30pm


Thursday 15 March: STORIES painting exhibition official reception (morning tea) at Queensland Parliament House

Saturday 17 March: Environmental documentary movie "Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above"

Wednesday 21 March: STORIES and Lantern Painting exhibitions end, Festival completed.