Brisbane International Arts Festival







Brisbane International Arts Festival® (BIAF) is a unique grass-rooted arts festival. It was created, hosted and organised by World Arts & Multi-Culture Inc. (WAMCI), and earned the support and assistance from local ethnic community groups. These cultural organisations are growing in Brisbane, upholding multiculturalism, and trust that WAMCI’s BIAF is worthy to work with.


WAMCI frequently organises various forms of art performances and exhibitions since founding. Members of World Arts & Multi-Culture Inc. (WAMCI) believe that sharing excellent art works and delicate cultural experience will enhance understanding and admiration among people from different cultural background, and further promote the spirit of multiculturalism. Since 2014, WAMCI has been holding performing arts festivals to celebrate Harmony Day in Brisbane. From 2016, the event was extended to an international arts festival and the response from the audience and wider community has powerfully encouraged us to establish a sustainable platform for artists to reach the Australian multicultural community. Brisbane International Arts Festival® and the City of Brisbane is a window for the world to see Australia with the most beautiful view.






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