World Arts & Multi-culture Inc. (Referred to as WAMCI) was established in 2003. Premises located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The purposes of WAMCI are via demonstration, research and information on national and regional and multi-cultural and artistic achievements, performance of the multi-cultural arts activities to enhance the exchange of arts.


World Arts and Multi-Culture Inc takes it as its own heavenly mission to stimulate the emulation by mutual observation & Research as well as to introduce the celebrated, feature abundance culture and art activities deriving from the Australia region and other global areas.

We constantly have been propagating cutting edge, quality performance and happenings per annum. This practice has become tradition over many years.

This kind of cultural inheritance mission sense frequently enables numerous multicultural Arts to be unfolded and assists their innovative artist in developing their new domain.




Sister Association Agreement

Sister Association Agreement between World Arts & Multi-Culture Inc., Australia & World Arts & Multi-Culture Inc., Taiwan was signed on 16 June 2013 at International Conference Room, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan. 

For more Photos of the Sister Association Agreement Ceremony, follow this link.

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